Our machine park and equipment represent a combination of state-of-the-art technologies and specialized machinery that enable us to carry out high-precision machining. We have invested in cutting-edge CNC machines equipped with advanced numerical controls that ensure extreme precision and repeatability in our machining processes. Our CNC milling machines, CNC lathes, wire EDM machines, and grinding machines have been carefully selected to offer maximum flexibility and machining capabilities on a wide range of materials, including hardened steels and special alloys. Our machine park is constantly updated to stay abreast of new technologies and ensure efficient and high-quality production. Auxiliary equipment such as measurement and quality control systems, specialized tools, and inspection tools allow us to monitor and guarantee the precision and quality of our products. We take pride in providing our customers with a cutting-edge machine park and equipment that can meet their high-precision machining needs with excellent results.

CNC Milling

  • Fixed portal milling machine FPT DINO – Axis travels: X=3,000 Y=2,200 Z=1,100
  • 5-axis continuous machining head HSK-A100
  • KAO MING fixed portal milling machine – Axis travels: X=2,950 Y=1,950 Z=900 – Automatic 72-position horizontal angular head
  • AWEA fixed portal milling machine model VP2012 ISO 50 – Axis travels: X=2,000 Y=1,200 Z=760


  • Vertical CNC machining center QUASER model MV-204 CV – equipped with a 4th continuous axis Nikken CNC250 rotary table – axis travels X=1,200 Y=700 Z=610
  • Vertical CNC machining center QUASER model MV-234-P – axis travels X=2,040 Y=800 Z=661
  • DOOSAN vertical machining center model MYNX 7,500 – axis travels X=1,525 Y=762 Z=625
  • Vertical CNC machining center MICROCUT model V-30 – axis travels X=1,200 Y=730 Z=650
  • Vertical CNC machining center OKK model PCV 55-ISO 50 – axis travels X=1,000 Y=520 Z=500
  • Vertical CNC machining center FEELER model FV600-ISO 40 – axis travels X=600 Y=450 Z=500


  • Wire EDM machine ROBOCUT ALFA 1iC – working area 550 x 370 x 310 mm
  • Wire EDM machine ROBOCUT a-c600iB – working area 600 x 400 x 310


  • Tangential grinding machine ROSA LINEA STEEL 13.7 CNC – travel X=1,500 Y=750 Z=600
  • Tangential grinding machine ROSA LINEA IRON – travel X=1,150 Y=550 Z=480
  • Tangential grinding machine RASTRELLI – travel X=600 Y=300 Z=300


  • High-speed micro drilling machine CDM ROVELLA XF400 – Travel: X=400 Y=300 Z=300 – Tube diameter 0.2-3 mm


  • Manual milling machine with DRO (Digital Readout) ALCOR mod. 220 – ISO 40 – Travel: X=700 Y=450 Z=400

  • Manual lathe


  • Horizontal turning center with slant bed DOOSAN mod. Puma 2600LY – Number of controlled axes: 4

  • Max turning diameter: 350 mm – Max turning length: 1,280 mm – Max bar diameter: 76 mm

  • Y-axis travel: 102 mm (±51) – Automatic 12 – tool turret